Part of the Citroen 2CV Collection    

It was in 1948 and still is in 2009!!!


SOLD!!!  Now in California.

Truckette sold to new home in Denver


Right hand drive British 2CV body after media blasting

at Blast-Tech in Denver

Yellow and black, unique to the British Charleston.

Body work and paint at R-Good's Auto Body in Denver

Call them at 303-426-5551









Vintage Microcar National Heritage Square, Golden CO 2008


Small part of large collection of original Citroen 2cv literature



This 2cv has some historical is a    1960 model that was sold new in Denver, Colorado by Carl Bartz, a dealer in numerous brands of imported cars.  Do you remember the features in 1960 that "sold" American cars?  348 cubic inch engines, 300+ horsepower, chrome, and fins?  Gasoline was $.25 a gallon so who cared about mileage?  No wonder so few 2cv Citroens were sold

This little jewel is awaiting restoration